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Express Voice studio offers singing lessons

Express Voice studio offers singing lessons and vocal coaching to professionals, amateurs, children, and adults.

My name is Jordanne Erichsen, and I founded Express Voice Studio to ensure artists and music lovers had access to one of New York City’s top Vocal Coaching Techniques.

singing lessons and vocal coaching

Vocal Coaching Techniques

Singing lessons at Express involve strengthening the natural and optimal functioning of your voice to allow you to sing opera, musical theatre, jazz, and indie/pop music. You no longer have to find yourself stuck singing one style because your ‘voice suits it.’ Sing whatever style you want because you love it, and it feels easy! After studying music intensively for 10 years, I have worked with some of the best vocal coaches and singing teachers in North America. It was not until working with Dr. Michael Warren in New York City that I found the physical connection to my ‘support,’ flexibility and diversity of sound, and a fundamental understanding of how to teach literally anyone to sing.

Not all great performers make great singing teachers. Many successful vocalists were born with a natural capability and did not face the endless array of vocal stress and vocal issues that the average person comes up against in their pursuit to become a great singer.

I have been teaching for over 7 years and work with professional actors, voice actors, singers, adults, and children on their vocal technique; many of my students come from other teachers confused about head voice, chest voice, placement, and whether they can even sing. 

You CAN sing, and it is so much simpler than you think. You just need a great singing teacher!

Jordanne has given me the tools to use and project my voice night after night on stage!

Express Voice studio offers singing lessons and vocal coaching to professionals, amateurs, children, and adults.

Studio policy and rates

Express Voice Studio currently has four locations for singing lessons in Montreal: Little Italy, The Plateau, Downtown & Vieux Rosemont. Students have the opportunity to work with Express Voice Studio founder Jordanne Erichsen or another teacher familiar with the same techniques who has had a successful professional career as a performer and singer. Your teacher will be assigned based on your preference, desired genre for singing lessons, and location. Singing lessons are available in French or English.

Please feel free to contact me regarding voice/singing lesson fees, scheduling or any other questions you might have.

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 4425 Ave Laval H2W 2J7 Montreal

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