Montreal piano lessons for adults.

Is it ever too late to start learning piano?

The nature of the instrument, as opposed to certain others, makes it much easier to start as an adult. Of course, learning as an adult requires a different methodology than as a child, but I have had decades of experience doing this. So yes, you can start as a total beginner and within a year ( sometimes less depending on how much time you practice) you will be playing pieces that will delight you and those listening to you!

Here is a short video of two students who started with me as total beginners. You will see their progress over the course of the first 18 months of their work with me:

Is it ever too late to start learning piano?

The answer is no.

 Or perhaps you are an adult who played when you were younger but think that you have forgotten everything and that coming back to the instrument will be difficult?

Rest assured, if this is the case, anything that you learned as a child is stored deep within your memory. You may need to refresh your note reading skills a bit, but I can guarantee you that you will quickly reach the same level you were at when you stopped and exceed it faster than you can imagine. And if performing in public is something that you would like, or that you have always wanted to try but find difficult because of a lack of confidence, do not worry. My adult class is quite large, so much so that we now have one recital a year devoted only to other adults students.

Here is a video of excerpts taken from one of these recitals, on a gorgeous nine foot Steinway, in a beautiful concert hall located right here on the Plateau.

 This concert was not only attended by over a hundred people, but was followed by a great evening at a local pub, where we all celebrated the intense work it took to put all this together. Concerts, of course, are completely optional, but if you choose to  join us, you will find that is a fantastically rewarding experience. Many students report that the confidence they  have achieved through playing in public has carried  over to other aspects of their life. The same could be true for you!

Working on confidence and stage fright is something I have helped many people over the years, and using a blend of approaches I have learned from researching the disciplines of sports psychology, motivational speaking, meditation, martial arts and others, I do believe I can help you.