The piano is the most complete instrument of all. It also has the advantage that however difficult it is to play at an advanced level, for a beginner, it takes little time before one can play pieces and create sounds that are  pleasant and enjoyable  to the ear. This applies both to children and adults.

My teaching philosophy is based on the idea that it is never too late to learn to play the piano, and that this instrument can bring years of enjoyment to whomever has the courage to take that first step.

Here is a short presentation created by Mr.  Milos Kovacevic from Concordia university that describes my teaching philosophy.

I will ensure that you learn how to read music well enough that you can eventually learn any piece of music you want, simply by purchasing the score.For beginners under the age of 15, I use a combination of three books to begin with, and then have developed a simple but effective path  that follows one series of books to another. I supplement this with  pieces that I encourage students to find for themselves. I also train beginners (children and adults)  to play by ear, because this allows them to play pieces that are technically more difficult that what they can  read. This increases the speed at which their technique progresses.
To teach note reading to adults, I have a similar approach but I use materials specifically designed for the older beginner with which I have achieved excellent results.

Most importantly, my approach is based on the principle that playing the piano should always be enjoyable. I tailor the approach according to the needs and desires of each student, much as a personal trainer does for an athlete.

Sadly, some pianists have technical problems that can cause injuries such as tendonitis, carpal tunnel syndrome or worse. The technique I will teach you  will ensure that if you have had such problems in the past, you will understand their cause and learn how to play in such a  way that they will  never reappear.

I am also affiliated with the Vincent d’Indy music school, as well as the Quebec teacher’s association .
Students who need to pass exams in any system can do so easily, since I have over 25 years of experience in this field.

I am fluently bilingual, and   lessons are given in either English or French.

Please feel free to contact me regarding piano lesson fees, scheduling or any other questions you might have.